50 Reasons for a Basic Income

There is not a single reason against an unconditional basic income (UBI) – but there are 50 good reasons.

1. For the first time, people can freely decide WHERE and HOW they want to live.
2. It creates equal opportunities and justice.
3. Poverty is definitely ended.
4. Existential fears belong to the past.
5. Personal responsibility is strengthened.
6. It strengthens democracy because it is for everyone.
7. Social participation is made possible for all.
8. A self-determined life can promote the full potential of people.
9. It promotes independence.
10. People become less manipulable.
11. Unconditionality allows all forms of control to be ended.
12. Enormous potential for savings in administration.
13. Simplification of administration.
14. Human rights become a reality for the first time.
15. It guarantees the definitive end of slavery.
16. It emphasizes the value of work.
17. Creates security and freedom.
18. It promotes entrepreneurship.
19. Makes possible a common good economy.
20. Promotes people directly and at all ages.
21. Is family-friendly.
22. Allows more time for meaningful activities.
23. Absorbs the consequences of industrial change, digitalisation and AI.
24. Is more secure than any other pension and welfare system.
25. The labour market becomes much more flexible thanks to free people.
26. Promotes education.
27. Promotes health.
28. Makes it possible to live where you were born – there will be no more economic refugees.
29. Promotes the social and peaceful qualities of man.
30. Strengthens the meaning of life.
31. Strengthens the love of man.
32. Promotes the formation of community and awareness.
33. Promotes sport and culture.
34. Promotes science.
35. Strengthens our environment and nature.
36. Through social security the good in man can be stirred.
37. Human dignity would be guaranteed.
38. More autonomy for all.
39. Humanization of work.
40. Promoting creative potential through the possibility of leisure.
41. Reducing crime.
42. Ends diseases caused by existential fear, stress and poverty.
43. Prevents the division of society into rich and poor.
44. A life without money worries.
45. Higher quality of life and prosperity for all.
46. A new generational contract that unites people and countries.
47. Everyone could do the work he or she wants to do.
48. Money has to serve the people and not vice versa.
49. The envious society could be overcome because everyone gets it.
50. A wonderful future would be before it would be like paradise.

However, the reasons mentioned above can only become reality if the idea of an unconditional basic income (UBI) is implemented in a humane way.
Neo-liberal ideas of a UBI – which are far too low in terms of the sum, or which prescribe conditions such as a fixed residence and all models which would only be paid out as a substitute and are not additive – should rather be forgotten immediately.
As these are contrary to the idea of freedom of the unconditional basic income and human rights.

How a humane and sustainable solution could look like is described here: UBI+