6 simple steps how to register your new online account

6 simple steps how to register your new online account and then receive an unconditional transfer of 3000 “PR” every month.

First step: Open the registration form.
Second step: Fill in at least all 4 mandatory fields:
Your name.
Your e-mail address.
Your new password for the new account.
Repeat your new password to check it.
Third step: Optionally, instead of the new account number chosen by the system, you can also choose your own desired account.
To do this, you can freely select a number with 16 digits in the free field after the two country letters.
The system will then show you if the selected account number is still free, a green sign tells you that the number is still free.
Fourth step: You can also select your country, the country code of your new account number will change accordingly.
Fifth step: And now you can choose if you want to create a new private account or a business account.
Please note that only personal accounts receive an unconditional transfer every month. Business accounts do not receive any unconditional transfer. If you want to create a business account, you still need to specify your company name.
Both accounts are completely free for life.
If everything is filled in correctly, please press the “Register” button to submit the form.
Sixth step: Now you will receive an email from us to the email address you provided (If our email does not appear in your inbox, please check your SPAM folder) with a link that confirms your email address, please click on the link in this email so that your account can be successfully confirmed.
Only then it will be possible for you to log in to your new account.

And now have fun and success with your new online account and the many possibilities that this account and the monthly unconditional transfer of 3000 “PR” allow you.

written by Alexander Zirkelbach

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