A look into the future

A look into the future

Imagine a world in which the following possibilities are given:

  • An unconditional basic income for everyone, regardless of age or background.
  • An economic system that is not based on profits, but on the common good of all.
  • And in addition the basis, a monetary system, which would be born as a credit instead of a credit debt.

I think that then the own potential of each of the currently about 8 billion people on this planet could be used to live a life in peace and dignity. And without exploiting and competing with each other.

Because if something like the common good instead of profit would come first, we could probably create a paradise on our planet, which would mean an absolute end of conflicts and wars.

But for this to happen, we need to use the knowledge we already have and use it for the good of all. And this is possible again, because we basically come into the world as social, peaceful and intelligent living beings.

We only have to become aware of where (from unconditionality) we come from and what kind of living being (social, peaceful and intelligent) man is.


For the better understanding, I would like to start by digging out a bit to share questions and the corresponding answers with the reader of this article.

These questions may not seem really important at the beginning, but these are the foundation to get a better sense of who we are, where we come from, and most importantly, what makes us human.

Many opponents of the unconditional basic income often argue that the money for the payment of a basic income must first be earned before it can be distributed.

Here already the first thinking error arises!

It is nevertheless here around a fallacy, since money, above all new money, cannot be worked out in itself, but always comes only by the granting of credit to the world, and namely as so-called credit debt.

So, and now it comes: Many think that only those people who also pursue a gainful employment – thus a paid wage work – would pay taxes, thus also finance the basic income.

This is not true, of course, because every purchase also has to pay taxes, interest on loans (because of the debt money system) and rents.

This means that already today all people, whether they are gainfully employed or not, have to pay taxes, interest, rents and loans, and this through their own consumption.

The only difference to today (unemployment benefits, unemployment assistance, social assistance/minimum security, …) without basic income and then later with basic income is that then all people get basic income.

Because today a few receive social benefits, which are financed by taxes, about which one can be quite envious, because people receive them “without” doing anything for it, or better said, without doing gainful employment.

So currently only a certain part of a society receives various transfer payments, while another part dutifully pays “taxes” for it.

Afterwards, however, all receive a basic income, thus no one can be envious of the other anymore, since then all receive the basic income and thus the alleged “injustice”, which has prevailed before, would finally be ended.

So purely theoretically all, which the today’s system, in which unemployed persons are often called so-called “lazy ones”, would have to use themselves for the unconditional basic income, so that it this alleged “advantage” or better said, these from the “industrious” gainfully working humans “exclusively” financed social benefits, which evenly only few receive, finally no more does not give.

Because thereby one would terminate this nevertheless rather unsocial system, where humans must prove first their neediness, with this enormous inhumane administrative expenditure finally and all would get a basic income equal in the height and well would be it.

Hey, exactly that would be it nevertheless!

What many are not conscious however, is that money has no value in itself and it has to serve actually us humans and not vice versa.

Today it is so that we all work for a rather small money elite, consciously or unconsciously.

What does this mean now in the plain text?

As already mentioned, we all pay with every single purchase of a commodity or service always also interest, credits, rents and taxes.

A brief example of this:

In the product itself, both the company’s current loans, the associated interest payments, taxes and duties, and the company’s local rent are priced into the final price of the goods sold. The same is true for services.

The bases of the economic system, in which we still live today, lie in the current money system, which is just known as a so-called debt money system, therefore, because fresh money always and exclusively comes to the world over the granting of credit, thus as debt money.

That’s why even newborns are already born with debt, something that actually sounds completely absurd, but which corresponds to reality in the current system.

And exactly therefore we work all for a rather small money elite or in other words, for those few among us, who possess the money (enormous quantities of it). Since money rules the world, by existing possibilities, which are system-dependent.

This short description was necessary to show and make us aware of how stupid and limited this system is, since it brings an advantage to only very few.

In addition, the currently prevailing economic system exists only about 200 years, in comparison, the money exists about 3,000 years and the trade of goods and services is about 50,000 years. However, modern man (Homo sapiens) has existed for about 350,000 years and before there was any trade between people, people have always shared everything among themselves.

Thus, it is clear that the original principle of man is not in the trade of goods and services, but actually in the sharing of goods and services. And this primordial principle has been preserved to this day, in the smallest social unit, namely the family.

With this, from my point of view, extremely important state of knowledge, we come to the next article, to take a look at how things stand with today’s humans.

written by Alexander Zirkelbach

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