About UBI+ 100%

People from all over the world have set themselves the goal to introduce a humane UBI (Universal and Unconditional Basic Income) in all countries of the world.

three fingers for freedom

Initiator: Alexander Zirkelbach
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E-Mail: alexander@ubi100.net

ubi now Initiator of the movement BGE Jetzt

in the past:
– Advisory Council at ABGE – Akademie Bewusstsein Grundeinkommen
– Secretary General at UBI party in Austria
– Marketing IT consultant at GG – Generation Grundeinkommen
– Activist for more democracy and co-determination rights at G!LT
– Activist at Zeitgeist in Austria (RBW)
– Activist for a resource based economy (EBR = Economia Baseada em Recursos) in Brazil – after the model of Jacque Fresco (1916-2017)
– Author of a decent economic system the time system (parts instead of trade)
– Activist for better working conditions for rural women – in northeastern Brazil
– Founding member of the Chamber of Commerce (CDL in Fátima / Bahia Brazil)
– Entrepreneur in Advertising and IT Marketing in Brazil

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