Free – to be free

Together for the basic income

CentOnly 1 cent for freedom
0,01 Euro / month

Now 1 cent / month – Invest risk-free in people’s freedom.
An investment for a better future.
Now everyone can participate!

With each cent we come one step closer to the basic income for all.
You can also donate 12 cents for a whole year.
Or 1,2 Euro for 10 years.
Or 12 Euro for your whole life (100 years).
Or any other monthly amount.
We say thank you!
Please choose one of the participating organisations for your donation:
from Austria:

BGE Forum
IBAN: AT35 3944 2000 0406 9514


IBAN: AT78 2011 1842 2993 1300


Other countries are welcome!
Please contact us:

free - to be free Free - to be free

Under this product label FREE – to be free – part of the profit will flow into advertising, marketing and actionism for the worldwide introduction of an Universal-Basic-Income (UBI).
It can be taken over from existing products and services or even for specially developed products and services.

If you are interested in participating, please contact:

Participating persons, associations, organisations and companies:

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