How does it work?

The Future Monetary System

The creation of money is created in the old monetary system by debts through the granting of credits from nowhere, this means the sum of all credit balances is the same high as the sum of all debts worldwide. This is a so-called zero-sum game. This also means that it is a money cycle – a system which is limited in itself.
In the future monetary system, money as credit for people will also be drawn from nowhere, both in the form of an unconditional and universal basic income paid directly by the National Bank for all – and in the form of all necessary state expenditure to serve.
This means that for the first time there are no debts and therefore no dependencies.

Through this direct creation of money, the primitive and inherently limited tax system can be completely abandoned.

The future monetary system is no longer a cycle, money always flows to where it is traded and produced for the common good in the form of interest-free loans and compensation payments* to keep prices low.
Today, healthy and natural products are more expensive than mass-produced industrial products, then the prices of healthy products will go down as they are promoted by the compensation payments – for the good of man and nature.

Only the trading of shares will be allowed on the stock exchanges, all other speculative transactions of all kinds will be abandoned. This will end all market and price manipulation.
By abandoning the interest, tax and debt money systems, inflation (permanent expropriation) is ended and prices are kept stable for all time. It is easy to limit the free market upwards, for example with a maximum price dictum** for all products which are essential for life or which also comply with human rights. By the way, it was already successfully practiced by the Roman Emperor Diocletian in 301 AD.

*Compensation payments – are payments that compensate for losses incurred and flow to wherever the common good is traded or produced.
**Maximum Price Dictation – is finding a fair price (maximum price) of a product or service – includes all raw materials. Maximum prices are set – prices can move freely below this – but never rise above the maximum price – and inflation is definitely ended.