People from all over the world need an Unconditional Basic Income (UBI)

In a world where money is seen as the dominant economic tool, it is necessary that all people are provided with enough money to enable them to live a self-determined life in dignity.

For those who have not yet become aware of this, there is now an “calculator for unpaid work” available in their national language to help them realise how much unpaid work each of us does. This calculator also aims to show that without these activities, other forms of work, such as paid gainful employment, would hardly be possible.

Calculator for unpaid work

It takes every individual in our society to make it function well and properly. If we were aware of this, there would also be an unconditional basic income. In the spirit of a humane, peaceful and happy coexistence of all people on this wonderful planet, I look forward to the introduction of an unconditional basic income in the near future.

Join in and be part of it. Together for a basic income!

written by Alexander Zirkelbach

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