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Together for a basic income With "Free to be free" we want to bring people, associations, organisations and entrepreneurs together in order to get closer to the unconditional basic income and to create an awareness for the basic income. A single moment in life can change everything. There is no need for wages or taxes. We can always change the system in which we want to live so that it also serves the common good - that is, all of us. Declaration of Human Rights Paradise UBI We invite everyone to join us on the path to a humane UBI (unconditional basic income). How can we change that? Here we have a possible solution laughing together thanks to a basic income Technological progress could make a good life possible for everyone, but it could also destroy everything that has existed so far. If banks can create loans and money out of nothing, why don't they create a BGE out of nothing? Unconditionality made this new life possible in the first place. the freedom of a child The human touch is our first form of communication job advertisement Why are you in favor of an unconditional basic income? Old-age poverty the money has to serve us humans and not vice versa The more you take part and show your face, the more motivating it is to do something for others. Humans are born as social, peaceful and intelligent creatures. Let us give everyone the necessary amount of water (money) so that they can thrive (live).