Questions and answers about the UBI+ 100%

The universal basic income UBI+ stands for livable society including health care and long-term care insurance at the highest medical level, value secured for all people from birth to death.

Will an unconditional basic income bring even more foreigners into the country?
This is not to be expected, as foreigners are only entitled to the UBI if they have lived and worked legally in the country for at least 3 years.

And how are refugees treated?
Refugees will receive benefits in kind to get the help they need. In addition, laws must be enacted so that refugees can work in a regular manner as soon as possible. This also means that they no longer incur any costs.

Will the universal basic income abolish the welfare state?
No, of course not. Our model UBI+ which is built as a basic right into the constitution, modernizes and simplifies our welfare state, in order to get the present high costs under control and to give social dismantling and poverty in the future no more chance.

Will needy people then receive less?
No, no one will receive less than they do today.

Will the nursing allowance then be abolished?
No, per care level the UBI+ model will increase by 20% per care level. This creates absolute freedom as to whether the person in need of care is cared for at home or in a nursing home.

Does it even make sense to introduce an universal basic income in only one country?
Yes, of course this makes sense. Since there is still poverty and homelessness, we see that in the current system something is not quite right. We have to show how easy it can be to implement a humane UBI and what positive effects it could have for society as a whole.
We are in intensive contact with other countries in and outside Europe in order to make a European basic income possible as a second step and a worldwide basic income possible as a third step.

What will change in current pensions?
Since an universal basic income replaces the existing pension system, all pensions that receive less than the UBI will increase to the UBI level and already acquired higher pension entitlements will simply continue to be paid out.

Who will still be working?
All of them – since every activity is also a job. Money is just one of many reasons why people do something. Most working hours have always been done unpaid, even today: in the household, caring for relatives, raising children or volunteering.
People work because they want to do something meaningful, want to achieve something special or just to get recognition.
The universal basic income ensures for the first time that every person can be human again. With the UBI, sustainable economic cycles have a real chance.

Doesn’t everything then become more expensive?
Every year almost everything becomes more expensive – this is called inflation. The problem that everything becomes more and more expensive is due to the existing monetary system itself. We are aware of this system error and will remedy it in the second phase by reforming the monetary system.

How high is the UBI for children?
In the case of minors, the UBI is paid out in two parts.
Parents of minors receive 50% of the UBI for adults.
The remaining 50% will be saved and transferred to the child’s own account at the age of 18 to ensure an ideal start to adult life.

Do foreigners also receive the UBI in our country?
In principle, all citizens receive the UBI – on the basis of the EU law on freedom of movement – the following regulation will apply to foreigners.
Foreigners will also receive a UBI if they do so:
On the cut-off date (day of introduction) they have already lived legally in the country for at least 10 years. Or have worked legally for at least 3 years.
After the deadline, you must have worked legally in the country for at least 3 years to be entitled to the UBI as a foreigner.
The UBI is only valid for foreigners as long as they are in the country.
If there is also a UBI in the country of birth, the foreigner loses the right to the UBI, as there can only be one payment office (see criterion 10).

Can I also live abroad for a few years and obtain the UBI?
Yes, of course. The UBI gives people the freedom to live a self-determined life and to decide where and how they want to live.

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