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Start of the 2nd crowdfunding

The success story of a genuine and sustainable common good economy continues.

With the launch of the first crowdfunding, the foundation stone for the common good portal was already laid at the beginning of 2022. In it, anyone in the world can open an account for free and then receive an unconditional transfer in the amount of PR 3,000 every month.

Now 2023 we go a step further and plan the world’s first open and free marketplace, where every person on our planet can place their ads completely free of charge.

Thereby we connect the classical advertisement segment of a daily newspaper with the modern representation in the Internet and provide for an optimal visibility.

Due to my years of experience especially with ad markets and a very good and reliable online team I can guarantee a flawless process.

The programming costs for a first version amount to 1.750,00 Euro, now we have to raise this amount together. I myself will start with a donation of 250,00 Euro, so that we get a wonderful start for this 2nd crowdfunding right with day one, with the hope that also this time many donors will be found to realize this worldwide unique marketplace for all of us.

How will this ad market be different from others ?

  • It does not require any registration.
    So we collect absolutely no personal data from our users.
  • We also do not send them any mails.
    The contact runs either over the telephone number indicated by them or their Mail address – like this also in a daily paper the case is. Only with the difference that they have with us no costs with their announcement.
  • Your ad remains active online without any time limit as long as you want.
    This saves you a lot of time and effort.

The advantage here lies in the online mechanism itself. Because the longer an ad is online, the more valuable and easier to find it will be – we will make sure of that.

So, right after the launch of the new marketplace, it is worthwhile to place your ads and advertisements quite soon.

Donate now:
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IBAN: AT98 6000 0103 1012 8096
Intended purpose: Marketplace

I say thank you to all donators and I am looking forward to the realization of the free market place.

written by Alexander Zirkelbach

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