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Start of the marketplace

The beta phase has ended today, all development errors have been corrected as far as they exist. At the same time, all translations in the eight languages of the Common good portal portal have been integrated, so that the world’s first free marketplace can now be made available to all people in the world free of charge.

At this point, I would like to thank all the people involved who have enriched this international marketplace with their translations. Once again, I am thrilled how well we worked together across borders and were able to complete this implementation in near-record time.

Thanks also go to my programmer, who implemented this further development for a very good price for all of us.

So what is the advantage to someone of placing an ad on the Common good portal over traditional ad markets?

  • Their ad remains actively online indefinitely. This has the advantage that their ad will be found by more and more visitors over time. This makes general presentations about one’s own services, activities particularly valuable, since one only has to work once to create them.
  • No registration necessary! We therefore do not collect any personal data from the advertisers.
  • There is also no e-mail traffic between you and us. You can also freely choose whether the contact should be by mail or via your phone number. In addition, there is also the possibility to enter your address – especially interesting for clubs, companies and organizations.
  • There is no censorship for new ways, this means that alternative products and services are also welcome here.
  • Free choice of category. Just create the category that suits you, without any specifications.
    And now we wish you all success with your future ads.

Currently, access to the marketplace is possible through 9 languages, more may be added over time.

Marketplace (englisch) / Marktplatz (deutsch) / Mercado (português) / Mercado (espanhol) / Vers le Marché (français) / Mercato (italiano) / Rynek (polska) / Рынок (русский) / Pazar Yeri (Türkçe)

written by Alexander Zirkelbach

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