BASIC INCOME AS A HUMAN RIGHT - IF, then do it right!

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For me, basic income should be implemented as a human right. Human rights must be an integral part of a holistic system that also includes the environment we depend on to survive. There are no shades or opinions in the definition of human rights. All people, regardless of location, origin or appearance, deserve basic human rights – food, water, shelter, adequate education, health care and access to resources and services – to realise their highest potential. These rights must be enshrined in the social system.

An Unconditional Basic Income would guarantee these human rights for the first time.

In my book, I describe for the first time a sustainable path that could lead from a national basic income financed through taxes to a continental introduction paid out through money creation. Furthermore, I take this wonderful idea of an unconditional basic income to its logical conclusion and for the first time bring a comprehensive monetary system reform into the discussion. In order to one day also make possible the basis for a worldwide implementation. From my point of view, money has to serve people and not the other way round. Moreover, it is time to overcome the primitive and inherently limited tax system and to enable a real democracy of the monetary system and society.

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written by Alexander Zirkelbach

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