The monetary system completely rethought.

Money is something artificially created by humans, therefore it is also arbitrarily formable.

Instead of continuing to serve money, to constantly chase after it, it would be much more interesting if money could serve us humans and flow like a river wherever it is needed and would be good for the common good.

This gave me the following idea.

A “neutral money system”
Let’s put the creation of money into the hands of those people who can decide on a local and decentralized level, through democratic mechanisms, what new money gets created for, in order to cover all governmental (community) expenses.
Furthermore, we create money as a credit for the payment of an unconditional basic income. In this way, we immediately promote each individual, so that each person can develop freely.

By this changed money creation it needed neither taxes nor interest. Since all money in the future on credit basis is created.
All forms of dependence would then belong to the past, since each humans could lead a self-determined life owing to an unconditional basic income.

In the future, loans would also come into the world as credit balances and would no longer have to be repaid. It would instead of a private banking institution, where one checks the creditworthiness of a borrower, simply by an application form, which is submitted directly to the disbursing national bank of the respective country with sufficiently many support signatures and provided that all documents and data are present, it comes also to a direct disbursement of the desired amount directly on the account of the applicant.

This application form gets the business idea, the corresponding concept, as well as the corresponding amount of signatures depending on the amount of capital.
With each signature the idea of the respective applicant is evaluated by the people whether this would be a meaningful and the public welfare serving activity, which could provide for an increase in value within the community. Each signature could represent 1,000 PR.

This means that with a required credit sum of 100,000 PR (could also be euro, dollar or yen), exactly 100 humans are necessary for it to sign with their names, in order to give so this idea a chance to their realization.
Thus the monetary system would get completely democratized overnight.
And each humans would have all chances to realize itself in an economy oriented to the public welfare.

In order to guarantee stable prices, only one measure is needed and that is that all available resources receive maximum price dictates. This means finding a fair value that would henceforth be declared as the absolute maximum price, below which prices can continue to move freely according to supply and demand, but never above the agreed maximum price. This would definitely get rid of inflation (system error of the old system).
Speculations on resources of all kinds would also be strictly forbidden.

Here I have put up a small excerpt of some resources to show you how prices have changed from the lowest to the highest price in different time periods. This is to illustrate how much speculation can influence prices on the world markets and this could even lead to unnecessary famine in different regions.

The following prices (lowest and highest in each case) were determined in a time period, which lies between five to 20 years.

Palladium 133 to 2000
Platinum 641 to 1400
Nickel 6879 to 19800
Aluminum 1256 to 3170
Fuel oil 0.75 to 3.33
Natural gas 1.36 to 8.66
Gold 239 to 1767
Coffee 0.9 to 3.00
Sugar 0.08 to 0.33
Potatoes 2.3 to 32.70
Rice 7.00 to 24.00

Whether we are talking about dollar or euro rates is not important, it is much more important to realize what is actually going on in the background and how much this existing system can be manipulated.

This article is to point out also, how necessary it would be to rebuild the existing monetary system completely, since it may not be that these days, exactly on 14 October 2021, the current report of the world hunger assistance pointed out that up-to-date 811 million humans starve world-wide, whereby 41 million shortly before their hunger death stand, a deeply frightening reality, which – as so often – in the mass media hardly the necessary attention finds.

I think that there would be no more hunger in this world if we would finally say goodbye completely to this deeply inhumane profit society.

Together for a basic income!

written by Alexander Zirkelbach

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