The “PR” works perfectly

When the “PR” was launched for the first time at the beginning of 2022, I received a number of e-mails immediately asking what it could buy. Even today, six months later, I receive enquiries from time to time, asking questions such as:

What is the conversion rate in my currency?
What can I buy with it?
What do I get for it?
How can I transfer the PR to my own bank account? ….


I always politely refer to the link with the information on what the “PR” is. If you read through this page carefully, you should actually realise immediately that the “PR” itself is not (yet) a currency.

And while nowadays people are complaining about high inflation and less and less money in their pockets, I can confidently sit back and realise that prices under the “PR” are still stable, absolutely nothing has changed.

Probably also because this “PR” can guarantee stable prices, thanks to the “neutral money system”, for all time.
Yes, this is how money should actually work, it should serve US and not us it or that a large amount of people even suffer under its rules and framework conditions as prices keep jumping up.

In the end, WE the people decide under what conditions we want to live.
And as long as we want to continue to be dependent on a monetary system that is limited in itself due to its construct, we have to accept ever higher prices.

We could change this because we are human beings. So, but now for the good news of the day.

Reinhard Schwark, who immediately understood the idea of “PR”, is offering his knowledge of programming for the next 3 months and would programme an online game for 3000 PR to anyone who is interested.

He has already done this for me and implemented the “UBI Pirate Game“.
Depending on how successful it is, this first action could even be continued in a similar form.
I think that’s really great.

You can meet Reinhard Schwark on Facebook or you can also contact him directly via the e-mail address

Here you can see very well that you can get something with “PR” whenever someone is willing to offer a certain service or product in “PR” or perhaps even a combination of these.

Such a combination could, for example, look like someone offering a certain product for – let’s say – 100 euros. However, if one were to get 50 “PR” in addition, the price of this product could be reduced by the provider to, say, 80 euros.

There would certainly be a thousand different ideas on how to use the “PR” for oneself or one’s community, city, friends or family.
And in doing so, one supports the very idea of an unconditional basic income, as there is an unconditional transfer of 3,000 PR every month. And at the same time you learn how a “neutral money system” works, which would serve us humans.

Do you already have an account with Bonum Commune (Common Good)? If not, it’s about time! This account is absolutely free of charge because it serves the common good.

written by Alexander Zirkelbach

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