2023 new year

Welcome 2023

Like the old year, the new year 2023 will start with an unconditional transfer.

Those who do not yet have an online account can register quickly now so that they can start the new year right away on 01.01.2023 with 3,000 PR.

Looking back, 2022 was a successful year for the worldwide basic income movement, as the launch of the worldwide unconditional transfer was a historic milestone.

Furthermore, it was proven live for the first time that a new “neutral money system” no longer causes inflation, whereas in 2022 people worldwide have to put up with an enormous wave of inflation under the existing money system.

It is now up to the people themselves to either continue to rely on the old money system with its system error called “inflation”, or to rely on the alternative “neutral money system” that has been functioning in parallel so far, as people from more than 12 countries have done so far.

I wish all people in this world a happy new year, so that together we can bring the unconditional basic income into the world as a future birthright.

With best unconditional greetings

written by Alexander Zirkelbach

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